Prince of Never audio book. Fairy prince human girl romance audiobook.

Check out the audiobook and hear Ever & Lara brought to riveting life by the wonderful narrators, James Fouhey & Gina Rogers!

Listen to an awesome sample of Ever complaining about the curse and anything else he can think of!



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“What a wonderful read. This book just has everything! It’s a must read! It’s funny and quirky, it’s full of love and hope…if you read nothing else, read this book!”

— Amazon Reviewer

“On a long sigh, I just finished reading. I LOVED it. I was transported to the land of Faery with all its mythical creatures and Talamh Cuig. The queen and her consort, the fae princes, moss elves, the Five Elements. The jealousies, spitefulness, the inability to lie, the whole other worldness of this story pulls you in and mesmerizes you…I cannot wait for Raff’s story.”

— Amazon Reviewer