Courts of the Star Fae Realms Series


I wake in a cage at the gilt market with no memory of my name.

When the fae King of Storms and Feathers purchases me, I vow to escape his palace of dust and gold, reclaim my memories, and return to the home that haunts my visions—a city of ruins in the decaying forests of the human realm.

In the meantime, I’ll pretend to be what King Arrowyn wants—an obedient green-eyed bird, chained and powerless, his for the taunting and taking.

But when I escape and fall into viler clutches, Arrow hunts me down, determined to retrieve his disobedient, most valued possession.

The King of Storms and Feathers is the first book in the sizzling fantasy romance series, Courts of the Star Fae Realms. Readers who enjoy angsty enemies-to-lovers tension, a strong human heroine, and a morally gray fae king who yearns to control her but, instead, falls helplessly under her spell will love this book!

Meet the Hero & Heroine

ARROWYN RAMIEL: King of Storms and Feathers, ruler of the gilded desert city of Coridon

SPECIES: Light Realm Fae

AGE: 27

PERSONALITY: Gruff, arrogant, bully on the outside, becomes soft with the FMC.

Despises humans, the species who murdered his family. His weakness is her.

After his parents’ death, he’s determined to never feel the pain of love and loss again.

LEAF: the name the Storm King gave her

SPECIES: a human from the Earth Realm of Dust and Stones

AGE: 25

PERSONALITY: has amnesia. Doesn’t know who she is or where she comes from, but she’s brave, good with a blade, determined to get the better of Arrow at any cost, and to find her way home.

Art by Xena Fay

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